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Are you a home builder? Bryan’s Flooring has a specific program in place to take care of your project’s needs, whether it be outdoor kitchens, patios and pavers, fireplaces, showers or backsplashes.

We offer attractive financing that allows you flexibility with your working capital. We recognize that home builders are often faced with vexing short term cash flow predicaments. Our financing program will help you work around those issues and keep your project moving.

Bryan’s Flooring also provides free stocking of the flooring materials you pick for your projects. Sometimes a project can require significant amounts of the same product, but it does not call for installation all at once. Our program allows you take advantage of volume pricing, but eliminates the burden of storing the material until your project is ready for it.

Most importantly we are aware of your bottom line. Bryan’s Flooring has special volume pricing arranged directly with several manufacturers. This allows you to have a myriad of choices when selecting floor covering for a project while remaining within budget, and preserving your margin.

We are a single source of responsibility for your entire floor covering requirements.

The Experience

From start to finish Bryan’s has you covered. Call us at 405/634-4136 and let us know how we can help you.

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